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Free SEO Analysis

Free SEO Analysis

Grow your Brand and Revenue with The SEO Brain - Affordable SEO Company In India

Are you looking to grow your business in this digital marketing era? Do you want to create a strong web presence? We are here to help you make the most of this online marketing boom. Search Engine optimization is the key to improving your brand’s presence on the web. SEO is not just about creating a search-engine friendly website to achieve higher search rankings.

With strategic search engine optimization (SEO) services you not only get your website appear higher in the Google’s search result pages but attract more visitors and potential customers to your website improving your conversions and revenue. The SEO Brain is a leading Online Marketing and SEO agency in India offering affordable SEO and Digital Marketing services in India.

Affordable SEO Services In India

Apart from this our SEO service also includes Google Maps. Let your prospects find you on Google Maps when they search for services or products similar to yours with our Google Map Marketing. Google also features Google maps listing in its search results so this helps attract more eye balls and helps increase your sales. We carry out SEO Audit and provide you a detailed report based on your present online presence, keywords and analyse the user behavior. Get bespoke solutions from our SEO experts based on your specific needs and goals.

As an expert and authentic SEO agency, we refrain from any black hat standards, keyword stuffing or duplication of content so you can rest assured of any Google penalties. When it comes to digital marketing company in India, we have set a standard for ourselves. Be assured of a dependable and sustainable web presence with the The SEO Brain’s affordable SEO services.

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Our SEO Process Includes-

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword.

SEO Services India

Content Marketing and Analysis

Content is the king and users are always hungry for relevant content. At the SEO Brain, we understand that SEO without high quality content is like a body without the soul. Our experienced content marketing and analysis team creates content that focuses on your audience and ensures that a user who lands on your web page converts thus increasing your sales.

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Keyword Analysis India

Keyword Analysis

Keyword research and analysis is key to successful SEO campaigns. At The SEO Brain, we focus not just on the exact keyword that a user is searching but more about the topics your prospects care about.Our SEO experts conduct a thorough research around these keywords that are getting high volume and create a bucket list around them.

SEO Services India
Link Building Services Company India

Modern Link Building

Link building gives credibility to your website and is a crucial aspect of Search Engine optimization. It helps Google and other search engines to discover new web pages and this criteria is used to determine the rank of a webpage on the search engine result pages. Effective use of backlinks also increase your website traffic and improve your SEO scores.

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SEO Services India

Detailed Reporting

Get in depth reports that tell you about the channels of your traffic, page level traffic, bounce rates, time on page and conversion rates. At the SEO Brain we offer you detailed SEO reports, recommendations as well as the future plan of action.

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Competitor Analysis Company India

Competitor Analysis

SEO is a game where if your competition moves up in SERP you have to make space and hence move down the ladder. Its therefore very important to understand where you stand in terms of your competitors and our Comparative analysis helps you gauge this. Reports on competitor rank help you identify your top competitors, target keywords you might be missing helping you move up the rank.

SEO Services India
SEO Services India

Post Project Optimization and Constant monitoring

SEO is not just limited to setting up campaigns and implementing them, this is just the crucial first step of search engine optimisation. Once your campaigns are successfully set up and running, it needs constant monitoring, tweaking and adding necessary details as per trends in the industry. At SEO Brain, our digital marketing experts constantly work on post optimisation. We eye your campaigns and refine them helping you achieve long term results so that business constantly grows.